10 SmutTok Books To Read For A Steamy Night In


There’s nothing I love to end my day with more than a cup of hot tea, a pair of my coziest sweats, and a good book. Most nights, if my roomie is having a night in, I opt for a book that will help to make my twenties seem a little less scary (these are our picks). However, if my lovely roommate decides to get dinner and drinks with a friend, visit her family, or spend the night outside of the apartment, there’s another type of book that will satisfy my literary cravings.

That’s right. I’m talkin’ about smut.

Move over, Jane Austen—I’m trying to read a steamy workplace romance that will widen my eyes and cause butterflies to hatch in my nether regions. And I’m not alone in my smutty taste in literature: SmutTok, an area of TikTok dedicated to erotic fiction recommendations and content, is taking over the FYPs of users looking to spice up their next read.

Ready to trade in a classic novel for a classic romp? Here are 10 SmutTok books to add to your TBR like, immediately.

RomCom lovers, unite! It Happened One Summer is the story of a Hollywood “it-girl” who is cut off from her family and finds herself in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. Oh, and she butts heads with a super hot, bearded guy—let me just say, the chemistry is off the charts. It Happened One Summer is sweet, funny, spicy, and great for people who are just easing into smut.


I’ve always had a thing for bad boys. And if that’s your MO too, let me introduce you to Punk 57. This book follows Ryen and Misha, who have been penpals for seven years. The rules? No social media, no pictures, and no phone numbers—only letters. That is until the two finally meet. What comes after is a whirlwind of toxicity, confusion, and a whole lot of spice. A penpals, to enemies, to lovers story? Sign me up.

Continuing the theme of bad boys, Inked In Lies is the perfect smutty pick for anyone who has a thing for tattoos ( *cough* me *cough*). All you really need to know is that there’s a hot, tattooed biker man and some of the spiciest scenes you’ll ever have the pleasure of reading. However, Inked In Lies is bully smut—so if subject matter surrounding BDSM, degradation, or abduction is triggering to you, check out another book on this list. It’s all about what pleasures you, remember that!

Have a thing for band members (and also like, Greek mythology)? Then, with Vipers And Virtuosos, you’re in luck. This dark romance is a sexy, rockstar take on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. While it’s a bit dark and extremely spicy, there’s a total level of sensuality that makes this book more complex and intimate than other smut. Vipers And Virtuosos contains violence and discussions of abuse—so be aware of your triggers before reading!


Milk Fed is a WLW erotic fiction novel that’s messy, hilarious, and all kinds of sexy. However, Broder’s unique writing style has a way of making the content (and the sex) feel deeply human, sensual, and incredibly intimate. While this book is full of sex, it’s—at its core—a coming-of-age novel about finding yourself. Before reading, please note that Milk Fed frequents depictions and discussions of EDs, which can be triggering to many.

Another sapphic story, Satisfaction Guaranteed is a fun, light, and great read for fans of WLW smut. It follows the story of two adult toy shop owners, Cade and Selena, as they navigate a failing business and a budding mutual attraction. However, don’t be fooled by its romantic appearance—Satisfaction Guaranteed is all sorts of sexy. The characters are likable and the romance is absolutely adorable. Not to mention, it gets pretty spicy. This is great for readers who are looking for a bit of light-hearted smut, as opposed to darker romances.

Finally, Things We Never Got Over has been all over my FYP—and reading it did not disappoint. This book follows Naomi Witt, a runaway bride who inherits a niece she never knew she had. She then meets Knox, a total bad-boy barber who doesn’t get involved in drama…that is, until he becomes wrapped up in Naomi’s life. Things We Never Got Over is funny, dramatic, and full of spice. Add it to your TBR, babe. You won’t regret it.

Reading smut can be a great way to spice up your bookshelves, GoodReads account, and even your alone time (*wink*). Before diving into the world of SmutTok and spicy reads, just be sure to check for any triggers that may find themselves in these kinky pages.

Crack open a book, and let your mind run wild. Happy reading!

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