3 Halloween Activities for You and Your Roommates This Spooky Season



While this time in the semester is very hectic and stressful with midterms that never seem to end, the spookiest day of the year is creeping up on us! Make time to enjoy some school-free activities for your mental health and to create memories that you will cherish forever. Don’t miss out on the Fall season and the Halloween festivities that always seem to come and go too fast. Here are three student-friendly activities that you and your roommates will love!

Door decorating COntest

Get creative and in the spirit with a Halloween door decorating contest with your friends. Visit your local dollar store or use supplies in your house to make a scary or funny visual on your room doors. Definitely check out Pinterest for inspiration, teachers are known for going all out during spooky season with their classroom door decorations! Interested in making this challenge competitive? Take pictures of each door and make an anonymous survey for your friends and family to vote!

Hocus Pocus Marathon Night

Grab your cozy blankets and yummy snacks to join the Sanderson Sisters on their spooky adventures. Hocus Pocus is a classic film that will get you in the Halloween mood. But this year is particularly special as the witches return to the modern world with more power and hunger than ever before. Don’t have access to Disney+? Check out your TV provider for Halloween movie specials and deals—the Sanderson Sisters always end up finding their way into your house!

Visit the Haunted Car Wash on Main Street West

The Klassic Car Wash, located on Main Street West near McMaster University has transformed their facility into the ultimate fright night experience. For $20, you and your friends can get a car wash while also getting scared by performers and other frightening surprises. If you’re feeling brave, roll down your window for the full experience! But beware, clowns and goblins in the mirror are closer than they appear.

Don’t let the busy school year stop you from enjoying Halloween festivities. Coordinate your schedule with your friends to keep the spirit of Halloween alive!

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