3 Things to enjoy during the Halloween season in Japan!


The weather is getting colder, and it’s time to wear warm jackets, enjoy the rest of  autumn, and then wait for winter. Christmas is coming soon as well!

 This article recommends ideas about things you can do on Halloween in Japan!

1. Enjoy Halloween special menus.

Many brands, such as Starbucks and Krispy Kreme, promote their special Halloween menus during the Halloween season, which can be an excellent way to enjoy the Halloween season because every country has a different culture, and culture reflects products to enjoy. Therefore, this could be a perfect way to enjoy Halloween and the culture of one’s country. 

 It’s interesting to look at unique goods in Japan because they give us the feeling of creepy and spooky Halloween vibes and also allows us to enjoy the Japanese Halloween vibes.

An example of a Japanese Starbucks special drink is the Purple Halloween Frappuccino, a purple sweet potato-flavored Frappuccino. This drink is enjoyable because most people think of Halloween as black or orange, but they made a purple drink to give us ghostly Halloween vibes. Also, it is interesting that the flavor of the Frappuccino is sweet potato, a flavor popular in Japan. So this could be the one light way to enjoy Japanese Halloween!

2. Try on Japanese Animation Costumes

 Japan’s animation culture is famous all over the world. The Japanese character industry is vast and well-known. Other than anime, various characters such as Disney and Sanrio are popular in Japan, and it’s impressive as a foreigner to see Japanese people enjoying them as common hobbies and interests. In addition, cosplay culture is active in Japan too!

  Why don’t you dress up like an animated character in Japan? It would be fun to dress up like anime characters or other characters in the country, which has a vast character industry!

3. Join the Halloween Events

In Japan, Halloween is a popular holiday for young people. So there are many parties and events held during the Halloween season. Why don’t you visit Japan’s famous tourist attractions during the Halloween season? The theme parks such as Universal Studios and Tokyo Disneyland with Halloween decorations would be the perfect place to have spooky fun vibes of Halloween! Also, you can wear your Halloween costume to enjoy it more with your friends.

 These are the brief ideas to enjoy both Japan and Halloween. Why don’t you try these to learn more about Japanese Halloween culture?

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