4 Tips for Finishing Out Fall Semester Strong


While having time to unwind is essential, students need to remain motivated and on top of their coursework up until the very last day of school before winter break. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the holiday season slump and finish the semester on a strong note.

Stay Organized

Between family gatherings and holiday activities, it is easy to lose sight of assignment due dates and exam schedules. Avoid falling into this trap! Update your agenda regularly to ensure that you are staying on top of important deadlines and academic milestones. In order to have more productive mornings, review your daily and weekly to do list shortly after waking up each morning. Make note of any upcoming school assignments and give yourself ample time to complete projects well in advance of deadlines in order to avoid last-minute stress.

Ask for Help When You Need It

If you’re struggling with a concept in math class or falling behind on assigned reading for English, don’t put off dealing with it because the year is almost over. Whatever problems you are having will not automatically be erased in the New Year and in fact, the longer you go without addressing it, the more behind you may feel academically. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a teacher or tutor to discuss the concepts you are struggling with and create a plan of action for getting up to speed. The winter break provides students with the opportunity to review and prepare for spring classes, so it can be the perfect time to revamp your study habits with some one-on-one help.

Remember the Big Picture

Skipping out on one homework assignment may not seem like a big deal, but unfortunately it can be very easy to build bad habits. Instead of giving yourself a free pass to coast until winter break, remember that consistent hard work is key to achieving your long-term goals. If you begin to lose motivation in the weeks leading up to the holidays, think back to your ambitions for the years ahead. Whether it is gaining admission to your best-fit college, securing an internship you are passionate about, or kick-starting your career, come back to this image of big-picture success whenever you feel tempted to slack off before the holidays.

Tie Up Any Loose Ends

Instead of running out the door the minute your last class of the day ends, make sure everything is in order before you check out and go on vacation mode. This might mean checking in with a teacher about winter break assignments or following up with your guidance counselor about spring activities. Add every deadline and testing date to your agenda so that you are at a comfortable stopping point before you walk out of your school’s doors and celebrate your winter break. While this kind of pre-vacation check-in may seem tedious, it will pay off in the long run when you can resume your coursework seamlessly and return exactly where you left off.

While every student should set aside some time to relax and unwind during winter break, the holidays can also be a terrific time to boost your study schedule and plan ahead. If you are looking for one-on-one academic guidance, our team of expert tutors and counselors can help you prepare for your next semester and feel confident throughout the college admissions process. Contact us today for more information on an Initial Consultation!

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