4th Of July Outfit Ideas That Aren’t Red, White, & Blue


When you think of the Fourth of July it’s hard not to think of the colors red, white, and blue, which symbolize the essence of the patriotic celebration. Practically every retail store proudly displays several Independence Day outfit items from American flag bikinis to sunglasses and fun graphic T-shirts.

If you’re an American celebrating the Fourth, it’s possible to embrace your national pride without going overboard. If you prefer a more subdued display of patriotism and are seeking a fresh holiday tradition, though, you can celebrate the nation’s birthday with a new original style. Here are seven festive outfits that aren’t red, white, and blue that you can still party in the U.S.A and enjoy the day-long festivities in.

All-Black Ensemble

Start the fourth off with a bang wearing a sophisticated all-black ensemble. This sleek and stylish outfit with subtle pops of metallic accents can be a great way to stand out and create a unique look. An all-black romper, dress, or simply a black tank with some black light wash or trendy distressed denim shorts is barbe-cute for any BBQ.

Stars & Stripes

It’s time to break out the sparklers and dazzle the party with your bold stripes and bright stars. Traditionally, the stars on the American flag represent the 50 states, symbolizing unity and diversity, while the stripes represent the original 13 colonies, honoring the United States’ history. Even though you might choose fresh, modern colors this year instead, you can still display your patriotism by wearing these iconic symbols.


Embracing plaid patterns during the summer is a fantastic way to celebrate Independence Day with a touch of timeless charm. The diverse array of color combinations in plaid make it effortlessly adaptable to your summer wardrobe, whether you opt for a flowing sundress, a relaxed button-down shirt, or a pair of trendy shorts. Plaid’s enduring appeal ensures that it never goes out of fashion, and its vintage quality provides an avenue to express your individuality and personal style.


Pursue happiness with anything that gives you comfort. As a neutral and versatile color, gray gives you the freedom with any summer outfit. Gray absorbs less heat than darker colors, too, helping to keep you cool and making it easy to create effortless looks. Even though you might want to stray away from anything red, white, and blue, you can show your spirit while maintaining a chic and modern aesthetic.

Boho Chic

Boho-chic fashion embraces the spirit of freedom and individuality, which resonates perfectly with the spirit of Independence Day. Crochet tops, flowy maxi dresses, and fringed accessories provide a free-spirited, relaxed look that can be a great choice for any summer holiday. Consider adding a traditional brown cowboy boot into your outfit as well. These boots not only add a touch of Americana flair, but also provide a practical footwear option for outdoor gatherings and events.


If you’re spending the day by the pool or at the beach, choose a floral dress for your Fourth of July party. These patterns effortlessly bring a sense of joy into your fit that matches the vibrant energy of summertime celebrations. Additionally, try a tropical print top that showcases palm trees or other summer-inspired symbols, as they not only capture the carefree essence of the season but also offer a stylish way to express your enthusiasm for the summer and the Fourth of July.


Light up the sky with pops of neon in your outfit and you’ll make a bold and trendy statement. Shine like a glow stick with a matching neon workout set or swimsuit, and add neon accessories like statement earrings, a colorful belt, or vibrant sneakers. Go for playful shades like neon green or hot pink to infuse your ensemble with the vibes of fireworks.

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