5 Forgotten Netflix Originals You Should Binge Over Winter Break


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Winter Break is coming up, and after being worked to death for 4 consecutive months, you might not be able to figure out what to do with your free time. Here are 5 TV shows across five different genres that you should definitely binge over Winter Break. 


This is a sci-fi Television show whose plot vehicle focuses on time travel. This show lasts for 4 seasons and follows a core 5 group of time travelers. Without giving any spoilers, this group of time travelers come from a bleak future and are given instructions from an ominous figure called the “director”. They can transfer their consciousness into a human from the past who is dying or about to die. They continue living the life of their “host” while working on their mission. The whole goal is to change the future so it is livable for humans. I honestly love this show, the cast feels like family, and you get to see each one of them grow into a seemingly more “human” version of themselves through high-stakes missions and human interaction in the 21st century.

Baking Impossible

Baking Impossible is a reality competition show with one season focused on the collaboration between bakers and engineers. This show follows nine teams of two as they compete for a cash prize of 100,000. This is one of the most exciting and complex baking shows I have ever seen. The premise is amazing, and in every episode, I was blown away by the things that could be made with wiring, cake, and a little frosting. It’s like Cake Boss if everything was ten times better and not made of rice crispy treat. If you’re the kind of person who needs a little drama to watch a reality TV show, the bakers and engineers have never met each other and are forced to work together, and I won’t say much, but it does create some good moments.

American Vandal

This show is actually in my top 3 favorite TV shows in the world, and I don’t understand how more people haven’t seen it. American Vandal is a 2 season mockumentary with one of the stupidest and I say that lovingly premises I’ve ever heard. It explores the aftermath of a high school prank with a Making a Murderer vibe. The two main protagonists in the first season are high school sophomores fighting against the potentially unjust expulsion of a high school senior named Dylan Maxwell. The second season is just as good but focused on a completely different high school prank at a private school miles away. If you need a lighthearted show that will make you laugh but give you a headache with the amount of twists and turns it provides, this show is for you. 

The Hollow

The Hollow is an animated adventure mystery that lasted 2 seasons. It follows three kids who wake up in a strange room with no memories of themselves or each other. The only clue they have is a slip of paper in each of their pockets that provides them with their names. They start to explore this new world and face many challenges. Throughout this show, they find out more about themselves and grow to love each other as family. You are transported into a mythical world that is quite unsettling you become scared for these three kids’ lives. I found myself shouting out to them to figure out a way home, wherever that is. The lack of marketing is the only thing stopping this show from becoming a fan favorite. Each character has a different but lovable personality and the pace of this show makes it a great binge.

Singles Inferno

This show may be a bit more mainstream than the rest but none of my friends have seen it so it hasn’t reached the popularity of some other Netflix Originals. Singles Inferno is a South Korean show with 2 seasons that combines survival and reality dating shows to make some of the best television I have seen in a while. The participants are left on an island and the main goal is to leave it. But the only way to leave is to partner with someone who has an interest in you. 12 singles meet on this island all ready to find love. I think the main issue facing this show is that it is in Korean so the American audience is least likely to watch it. To that, I say please just read the captions!!!! The drama is amazing but also classy you start to root for some of these couples and hate others. A lot of reality TV nowadays seems so fake and overproduced but I can honestly say this one feels real. The emotions, the fights, the love are all real and that’s why I love it. 

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