5 of the Most Haunted College Campuses


Halloween season is here and for those who love a good spooky story, look no further than some of the schools on your balanced college list. Instead of saying goodbye to festive activities in high school, many colleges offer students the opportunity to amp up their holiday celebrations, thanks to an array of ghost stories, haunted halls, and one-of-a kind autumnal traditions.

Every university has their own way of celebrating Halloween and the stories that circulate around each campus are equally unique. From a library that doubles as the scene of a heinous crime to a university hall that was once a war-time infirmary, here are some of the spookiest college stomping grounds and the stories associated with each legendary spot.

Pennsylvania Hall at Gettysburg College

During the famous Battle of Gettysburg, the college’s Pennsylvania Hall was transformed into a hospital that treated injured soldiers from both sides of the war. The building has been rumored to be haunted by war-time ghosts ever since. Be sure to watch out for the building’s cupola, which is known to host the ghost of a soldier named “the Lone Sentinel.”

Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority House at University of Georgia, Athens

Before turning into housing for Greek life, this estate was home to former state senator James Yancey Carithers, whose daughter died in the attic. In addition to the Alpha Gamma Delta house, the school’s administration building is haunted by the Confederate officer Charles Morris. Rumor has it Morris’s ghost rocks in the chair in the school President’s office.

Mead Hall at Drew University

While there are several spots on Drew’s campus that are thought to be haunted, Mead Hall may be the spookiest of them all. The spirit of Roxanna Mead Dew, wife of the university’s founder, is believed to float over her namesake hall. According to rumor, when the building was aflame in 1989, two firefighters attempted to rescue a woman wearing a 19th century costume, but the flames burned right through her.

Ellison Hall at the University of Oklahoma

Originally dubbed Hygeia Hall, this building once served as the campus infirmary. The legend of the ghost that haunts Hygeia Hall began many years ago, when a boy roller skating by Elm Avenue died at the infirmary. Since his death, the sound of roller skates can be heard along the hallways on the second and third floor. In the past four years, three different teams of paranormal investigators have visited Ellison Hall.

Pattee Library at Pennsylvania State University

Back in 1969, Penn State student Betsy Aardsma was slaughtered among a stack of books in one of the university’s main libraries. Since her death, students have reported hearing a woman’s voice screaming and some even say they feel like they are being grabbed while walking through the library. While Betsy’s ghost may be the most famous, she is far from the only spirit associated with Penn State’s campus. In fact, A&E created an entire television series called Paranormal State that explores the haunted locations within this university.

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