55 Ways to Enrich Your Break


Leave the Comfort Zone

10. Start a new hobby

It’s never too late to pick up a new trick. Try out Sudoku or the daily crossword puzzles. Or pick up a friend and try out a new sport like tennis, sand volleyball, table tennis, or golf. Maybe you’re a natural and decide to join a team, or maybe you find that you love doing it for fun. If sports aren’t for you, go through the news and see if any headline inspires you to learn more or join an organization. Stepping outside your comfort zone is crucial to finding your place in the world.

11. Summer camp

Learn some valuable skills this summer at camp. Make new friends and mentors and build personal relationships in those weeks together. Whether it be boating, kayaking, or roasting marshmallows, have fun and don’t be afraid to try something new!

12. Go on a bike ride

Along with the added health benefits of biking like increased mobility and strength, biking is a great way to let loose and get some fresh air. If you don’t know how, this is a great opportunity to pick up the skill as many college campuses encourage biking to get around instead of driving a car.

13. Visit a museum

Take a day to visit nearby museums. For history buffs, visit a museum that details the past with artifacts and talk with local experts. For art and culture enthusiasts, see beautiful works in person at the Dallas Art Museum (free general admission) and explore the defining art district of the city.

14. Go geocaching

Use your navigation skills and play this form of treasure hunting with hidden objects and containers. There are three rules: take something from the cache, leave something in the cache, and write about it in a logbook!

15. Go roller skating

Go to a skate park or roller rink and put those roller blades or quad skates into action. Roller skating helps to build balance and muscle, and while it’s not as easy as it looks, give it a try! (Just make sure to wear a helmet and protective gear if you’re new).

16. Go on a picnic

Grab a friend or two, pack a meal, and have lunch surrounded by the outdoors. This easy activity will give you some vitamin D and fresh air, two things we all need after the pandemic. Relax and enjoy the time away from anything that might stress you out.

17. Join a book club

Establish a community with readers nearby and bond over your favorite books. Book clubs are a great way to meet people with similar interests in a relaxed environment. Book discussions can be serious, or just a time to get together and chat. Check your local book store or library for groups to join or start one with your friends!

18. Practice public speaking

Talk in front of a mirror, in the shower, or even to your pet. Control your breathing, body language, and use of filler words (“like” and “um”). Regular practice will enhance your speech delivery and make you a better verbal communicator. Public speaking is important, allowing us to form connections, inspire decisions, and influence change. These skills require ongoing practice, and this summer is a great time to work on it.

19. Go to a cooking class

Everyone will thank you if you know how to cook—your parents, your friends, and your future roommate. Learning this life skill will also help you pick up more real-life skills like budgeting for meals, experiencing new cultures, and eating healthy to name a few. Look online to find a class and prepare yourself for future compliments!

20. Learn a new instrument

Look around the house for an old instrument or ask your friends and neighbors for one. Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials online to get you started on the basics. If you love practicing your new hobby over the summer, you could consider joining your school band or orchestra in the fall. This will put your new talent into action, help you make new friends with similar interests, and help you get more involved at school while also having a great time.

21. Take a dance class

Shake it off! Find a class nearby at your local gym or dance studio where you can learn some dance moves. Dance can help relieve stress, increase flexibility, and keep you in shape this summer.

22. Start a blog

Writing a blog can help you grow as a person through challenging you to think critically about who you are and what you care about (plus, it will help you improve your writing skills!) You may be able to find like-minded people and build an audience. Bloggers can be heavily inspired by a cause, and writing can create awareness and initiate the change they look for in the world.

23. Exercise

This summer, try and get some exercise. Try out the gym or see if they have any aerobic or yoga classes that sound fun. If the gym seems too daunting, pop in some fun music or a podcast and take a walk or jog around the neighborhood. Try out jump roping or some workouts online.

FYI: For a limited time, Planet Fitness is giving out free memberships to teens.

24. Make art

Pull out some paper, pens, markers, or paint and see where your creativity takes you. Craft stores nearby have all sorts of materials to paint on like canvases, lightbulbs, totes, shirts, and even birdhouses. Find a project on Pinterest to work on over the summer. DIY some new outfits and build your summer wardrobe. The summer DIY options are limitless and act as a great way to relax while also stimulating your creative side.

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