A Commuter Student’s POV: Let’s Talk About Bussing


School’s back in session! This means it’s back to waking up early and pulling all-nighters. Just kidding! Try to avoid this if you can. Get your beauty sleep. It’s worth it! 

All of us have different morning routines. Some people can wake up a bit later because they dorm or live close to campus. Others have to wake up earlier to catch the bus. My routine falls into the latter category. It’s tough being a commuter, so kudos to everyone who commutes. While it’s a great method of transportation, it can also be exhausting and overwhelming. 

Nevertheless, public transportation comes with some perks. You can take a nap (risky but a great way to recharge), catch up on your fav shows, do some homework, listen to music and scroll through social media. There are many things one can do while riding the bus! Lately, I have been getting tired of the same routine: being on my phone while waiting for the bus, getting on the bus and scrolling on my phone and getting off to walk home. Notice how my entire trip consists of using my phone somehow.

Recently, I have noticed that most bus riders are also on their phones. I am doing my best to split away from the pack because I’ve realized that we are missing out. When I think about it, I find myself wondering why doesn’t anyone care about the beauties of the city. Why doesn’t anyone take the time to look at what’s new around us?

I did some research and found that there are many different reasons as to why people become so engrossed on their devices. To put it simply, phones are like drugs or alcohol; they can cause the release of dopamine which (temporarily) brings up a person’s mood. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of people who ride the bus no longer pay attention to the views of the city. Our city is beautiful, but we miss out on seeing something new every time we are on our phones. As I mentioned earlier, I have seen many people be on their phones while riding the bus. I asked a few people at the bus stop and many claimed that their habit prevents boredom. Others said it was the only time they had to be on their phone, while some said they were not interested in seeing the same buildings every day. 

I agree that it might be a little boring at times to just sit waiting until you arrive at your destination, but if you pay close attention, there is something new to see every day. We have the ability to pay attention to different scenes, and we should take advantage of this! Drivers have to focus on the road ahead of them; they cannot move their heads around to see what’s happening on their sides or check out something new. As a commuter, we have much more freedom to see the world around us. 

Not only should we appreciate the views of our cities, but we should be aware of our surroundings at all times. Riding on the bus is a great way to save money, especially with these expensive gas prices, but it can come with a little risk. There is always the possibility of a fight breaking out whether at the bus stop or on the bus stop. That is why it is important to be aware of whose around and check for any potential situations that can happen. I used the metro for majority of the summer and had a few scary moments. Here are five suggestions that I have started to implement for safety:

  • Stay vigilant! Anything can happen at any moment.
  • Try to sit on the edge rather than the window seat. If the bus is full, give riders a chance to sit on the window seat.
  • If riding late at night, try to do so with a friend or be on a phone call. Sharing locations is a big help!
  • Don’t blast your music. Make sure you are able to hear if anything goes wrong. 
  • Lastly, enjoy the ride!

I don’t know about you, but after a few days of going back to school and seeing screens all day, I am tired of seeing my phone on the bus. Give yourself a chance to rest your eyes and enjoy the beauties of the city. Stay safe!

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