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I have always loved my birthday. It was the day when I got to see reflections of the past years. 

This year my birthday looked a little different as I was starting the first day of school. The day I wanted to celebrate myself, I was far away from my parents. My friends were busy figuring out their classes and I constantly was surrounded by the noises in my head as not having everything figured out. 

But in the middle of the chaos, I had my twin to celebrate our past 20 years together. I am grateful that my brother has always been my best gift. 

As I desired to be wished for on my special day. I felt as if I needed to be fulfilled by others’ words.

I guess I wanted to be celebrated. 

What this birthday made me realize is that celebration can come in many forms. On the first day of classes with gloomy weather as I was surrounded by clouds, I felt the need for the sun. 

For me, the celebration looked a little different. Even Though, my birthday wasn’t spent blowing the candles or cutting my favorite cake. It was filled with love and heartwarming blessings. The hug my friend gave me as we crossed the speedway, the call I received on my bed from my parents, and the messages that made me realize how many individuals truly love me. This was my celebration. 

As the day was coming to an end, I treated myself by grabbing boba. Coming back, the rain was pouring as if it was trying to give me kisses. I was soaked by the water that was falling on the new green dress that I wore for the first time. As I was running to my apartment in the rain, I stopped and let the rain kiss my face for one last time before I could see the sun disappear for the night. For me, this was my celebration. It was celebrating these moments that will always be glued to my heart. I don’t know if it was the rain or the wind but it was at this moment that I knew I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I felt as if my heart was dancing. 

As I accepted the kisses from the rain, I learned how beautiful my day was. Perhaps what makes a celebration great is not the cake and candles but moments like this where you truly feel alive. Maybe celebration is a way of looking at life with love. I know for me celebration was the little moments where I got to feel. I got to feel the power of love. For me, it was that one call, one hug, the time I spent with my brother, one message, and the rain that made my birthday the best I ever had. I think oftentimes, we tend to celebrate birthdays as the day to celebrate ourselves. However, I believe it is due to the moments and experiences like these that make the celebration worth celebrating. If you are ever waiting to celebrate yourself, I challenge you to stop waiting for your birthdays and instead cherish these little moments of love. Allow yourself to treasure the little moments of happiness. Celebrate your growth for how far you have come. Celebrate that person you have never given great attention to. Celebrate who you truly are. Align yourself and treat it with care, love, and respect.  Hold on to these moments where you feel as if your heart is dancing. And trust me, when you do, your heart will be fulfilled. 

It is fascinating when you realize how much power love has when you let go of all the expectations and start to live with an open heart. So what I encourage you, is whenever you are trying to fight with the rain, instead of rejecting it, spread your hands freely, and enjoy the kisses for one last time. Accept it. Celebrate it for a little longer. Perhaps it will give you a gift full of rainbows. 

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