Fall is for the girls who …
Prefer rain over shine.
Go all out for Halloween and always win the costume contest.
Love movie marathons.
Have watched Gilmore Girls at least two times through.
Keep a stash of Bath & Body Works candles—one for every occasion.
Smile when it’s gloomy.
Are obsessed with throw pillows.
Prefer headphones over AirPods.
Think the perfect date is going to Barnes and Noble, going around drinking iced lattes and talking about each other’s favorite books.
Will do anything to please everyone.
Can crochet with their eyes closed.
Have had Taylor Swift as their number one artist on their Spotify Wrapped every year.
Give the best advice. And the best hugs.
Cry because it’s liberating.
Will choose an oversized sweater over anything. Even when it’s 80 degrees out.
Listen to Sweater Weather on repeat. Even when it’s not sweater weather.
Prefer handwriting notes over typing them.
Use fictional worlds and characters to escape their own mundane or heartbreaking or imperfect realities.
Romanticize school to get through the day. But also equate their worth to their grades because school’s always been their thing.
Can’t stand the idea of being second in anything.
Think fall starts on September 1st because once school starts, there’s no reason to keep clinging on to summer.
Because they can’t wait to go to Pumpkin Patches and bake all kinds of pies and wear cardigans and fill their room with Michael’s decor and rewatch the Harry Potter movies and knit scarves and go apple picking.
Because fall makes them feel warm and cozy and happy and safe. When leaves are on the ground, orange is the color, and every store smells like cinnamon. It’s all their favorite things wrapped up into this one perfect time of the year.
Because when all things are coming to an end, hers are just beginning.

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