Bentley’s Favorite Things About Spring


With April here, there’s so much to be excited about! From warmer weather to blue skies to Spring Day, it’s hard to pick what our favorite things about spring are! So we asked Bentley students – here are the results!

“Flowers” – Chantal and Amanda

“Flowers” – Riya

“Flowers” – Jazzmine

“It’s my third year experiencing spring – I only have two seasons where I’m from!” – Jacob

“Allergies!” – Flora

“Sweatshirts – not wearing jackets!” – Caitlin

“Being outside with my friends” – Wes

“Flowers” – Vinny

“Hanging out on the Greenspace!” – Neil

“Warmer weather” – Edwin

“Not really cold, but not really hot – we get good sun and a nice breeze!” – Pushkar

“Daylight savings and cherry blossoms!” – Toyosi

“Warm weather” – Sarah

“Spring style” – Nereyda

:Daylight savings” – Ashleigh

“Flowers blooming” – Katie

“Going on walks outside” – Dariana

“The flowers on the trees” – Amanda

“Seeing the flowers” – Zach

“Outdoor dining” – Mackena

“The weather and sun” – Maria

“Flowers” – Maria

“The weather” – Dania

“The flowers and the weather” – Eekshitha

“Golf” – Kevin

“Warmer weather and longer days and summer on the way” – Jiri

“Tulips” – Ellie

“Weather” – Abby

“Nature” – Marta

“It’s near summer!” – Cas

“Better weather” – Daniella

“The sun” – Anna

“The warm weather!” – Troy

“The sun” – Nicky

“The flowers are blooming” – Christian

“The color of the leaves” – Adam

What’s your favorite thing about spring? Come to our general body meetings on Tuesday’s at 9:30 in the GSSL to let us know!

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