Box of Chocolates? How About Box of Crystals? Your Valentine/Galentine Gift Guide


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It’s that time of year again, gals and pals. The time where lovers come together – again – but this time to celebrate their romance and love! I’m talking about Valentine’s Day in case you didn’t realize already – and you know the title of the article. But! It’s also a time for single gals and pals to unite! Ever heard of Galentine’s Day??

Well, to celebrate these joyous holidays, I’ve brought together a selection of some of the sweetest and special Valentine and Galentine gift ideas from brands, designers, and shops I love. Yes you’ve got the roses, but did you get them the Rose Quartz candles? What about some cozy booties for those snuggly nights out for hot cocoa with the gals? And let’s not forget a pair of sexy lingerie and self-love bath salts for ourselves? Hello people!?

Okay… Well, here they are. The ultimate Valentine gifts for your partner, lover, friend, or yourself!

Who doesn’t love a box of crystals? Yeah, yeah, everyone loves a box of chocolates but it’s so predictable! Now… let’s say instead of a box of chocolates, your partner receives a heart-shaped box of crystals instead?! 

I adore Moonlight Jewels Co. and their beautiful selection of crystals, jewelry, and candles. Their Crystal Heart Box is the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. What makes this brand so special for Valentine’s is that it’s a great choice for a partner, friend, or yourself. The Crystal Heart Boxes would be a hit at a Galentine party. Or perhaps you desire some Self-Love Bath Salts or Rose Quartz + Rose Bath Oil for yourself? My choice this year is their Rose Quartz Candles – they have a 50 hour burn time! According to Moonlight Jewels Co their “candles are made from the finest, high grade ingredients including natural soy wax and high quality fragrances that are free of parabens and phthalates.” And their products are made with both love and intention. What’s not to love about that?

My Moonlight Jewels Co. package came with everything neatly wrapped, and some cute bonus crystals for extra healing and love! Ordering a box for your loved one may just bring loving and healing vibes to your partner and yourself! That is, if you keep one of the candles for yourself too… Shhhh! I won’t tell.

Do you adore your lingerie collection? Are you looking to add more silky undies and lace bras this Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps you want to get a secret bonus gift for your partner that screams: Get to the bedroom now. Jesus Christ, get to the bedroom! Among other things. Jesus, that sounded aggressive – not Jesus himself, but the tone – you know what nevermind. 

Well, Adore Me’s lingerie selection is truly a sight to behold. Who wants nudity anyway when you can be adorned with pink lace and red silk? Well… actually nudity is good too. You know what do both! 

This brand is both highly affordable and luxurious while keeping it – of course – super sexy. I highly recommend their Averly Unlined set. I have it in a beautiful pale pink and it’s easily one of my new sexiest and softest pieces. Speaking of soft, I also wear my Lainey lounge set often as it’s comfy to sleep in while still remaining extra sexy. 
If you want more lace, I recommend their Roanne set and their Heathyr Push up one piece. If you’re looking to go all out for Valentine’s Day with a corset and pearls, I’d take a peek at their Aurora Unlined corset and their Aster Pearl Thong. Talk about feelin sexy!

And it’s time for one of my favorite brands – MOU! Perhaps your partner wants something luxurious for the cold winter months, or your best friend wants to add more style to her wardrobe, then MOU is right for you! Hey, hehe, that rhymed. 

I love this brand not only for their stylish booties, but because of how soft they are! I always say, it’s like you’re walking on a cloud… I’d check out their ankle booties, tall booties, and sneakers for February, and when Summer comes around, you definitely have to come back to their website to take a look at their gorgeous sandal and clog collection. 

I’ll be wearing their Eskimo 24 bootie in their gorgeous Cognac color this February. If it’s too much of a blizzard outside during your Valentine’s Day date, these are your go to pair when those 6 inch heels just ain’t workin out in those 6 inches of snow. Besides, these booties will make you feel like you’re walking on a warm snow cloud instead! 

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