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It’s that time of the semester again, halfway through and the work is piling up! It can be hard to push through that workload, but my favorite way to get through a bunch of work is putting some good tunes on.

Lofi Girl on Youtube

I usually stick to Spotify, but my absolute favorite study playlist is anything for Lofi Girl on youtube. She has so many different playlist to choose from, some being over an hour long and others are live! They are really great to relax or study to, with chill hip hop beats that help me cram through a study session.

No lyrics- Study Playlist by Palumpo Records

This is an all time favorite Spotify playlist for a good study session. The no lyrics help me concentrate, as sometimes listening to music with lyrics can get distracting. The whole playlist is 5 hours and 36 minutes long, so you can have a long work session without even changing the playlist. 

Fall Aesthetic – Classical Study Playlist by Imaginary Poet

I’m not usually a fan of classical music, but when I study it really helps me concentrate. This is one of my favorite classical music playlist and is 6 hours long.

If you’re having trouble concentrating, I highly recommend putting on a playlist to get you through your school assignments and study sessions!

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