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Soon enough, you’ll begin to feel it: the air getting colder, the days getting shorter, and the leaves starting to change colors and fall to the ground. In a few short weeks, our fun summer moments will become memories as we move into the next season, fall. It’s time to start swapping our crop tops and sandals for sweaters and boots. How do we make sure that we’re staying warm and keeping up with fashion trends? Read this article to find out about fall pieces that you can add to your closet.

  1. Leather- A timeless texture that comes back into style every year. It can be worn dressed up or dressed down and can be found in a variety of pieces. From jackets, to skirts, boots, and even pants, leather has proven itself to be a versatile item. Leather is perfect for the fall because it reflects and retains heat to keep you warm during those chilly fall mornings. The material is also water resistant, which makes the rainy days a little easier to get through. 
  1. Maxi skirts- The maxi skirt became popular in the 1960s and 70s when women wanted to be conservative and fashion forward at the same time. This piece of clothing resurged in the 2000s, where it was oftentimes paired with tank tops or tube tops for a bohemian look. Coming back into style over the summer, maxi skirts can be worn year round. They’re especially great for the fall, however, because they cover your legs and can be layered with leggings for extra warmth. It can be dressed up or down with oversized sweaters and blazers. Overall, the maxi skirt is a great basic piece for your wardrobe.
  1. Cargos- While cargo pants were originally created for British soldiers in the early 1930s, these dual-pocket pants became the norm for all branches of the military because they had more storage than regular pants with a couple pockets. Eventually, these pants would end up in military surplus stores, where ordinary people picked it up and made it a fashion trend in the 90’s. Since then, we’ve seen more variations of the cargo pant in color, style, and silhouette. While all pants are great for the fall, cargo pants add something extra for the utilitarian take on everyday pants. Colors like olive green, gray, and dark brown are perfect for this time of year!
  1. Platform shoes- Platforms have been around for decades, most notably during the disco era in the 70s. The extra height and weight makes them perfect for fall weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and the mess both leave behind afterward. The great thing about platforms is that they are available in every type of shoe! You can opt for platform sandals or sneakers on a warmer day, while boots and close-toed mules can be an option for a colder day. No matter what, this piece makes a statement anywhere you go.
  1. Loafers- Another popular shoe for this season is the standard loafer. Like maxi skirts, loafers can be worn at any time of year. They’re perfect for days when it’s too cool for open-toed shoes, but not cool enough for boots. Although most people think of loafers as a shoe strictly for business attire, it can also be worn casually with high socks, jeans, or an oversized sweater. For a bolder look, you can get a loafer with a platform/chunky heel. For a classic look, the flat pair is a great go-to shoe that can turn your outfit from basic to stylish. Keep in mind that your loafers should be both comfortable and made of a durable material that will last you a long time. 
  1. Fur- The last category, and definitely not least, is one of my personal favorites. Fur is a natural material that’s designed to retain heat and keep warm in the cold, which makes those chilly fall evenings more tolerable. Like leather, fur can be found in a variety of pieces including coats, hats, and purses! The unique part about fur is that it can be added a little at a time. Fur-lined clothing pieces, such as hoodies and shoes, add warmth and contrast with the base color for a subtle accent. In addition to finding fur in a variety of prints, you can also find vegan fur and faux fur for animal-friendly options.

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