Five Songs I am Currently Loving


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One thing about me, is that I will constantly be playing music either in my apartment, while I’m getting ready, cleaning, on walks, between classes, etc. It keeps me on track and I consider it to be my number one mood booster. Something that I have been loving this summer is creating a playlist called “lately”. On it is any song that I have either recently heard or one I have forgotten about that I want to reintroduce back into my rotation. The range on my current playlist is anything from “Mood Swings” by Pop Smoke to “This Town” by Niall Horan. However, here are five songs that currently have been on repeat and may be new to you.

“Deja u”


“Politics and Violence”

Dominic Fike


Zach Seabaugh and Jaxson Free

“Love Lost”

Mac Miller

“Saturday (THE Wedding song)”

Sammy Wilk 

What songs have you currently been loving?

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