Gel-X, What You Should Know


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If you are anything like me, you love the feeling of a fresh set of nails. The tapping, the smoothness, the put-together feeling that seems to overcome your life from simply getting a manicure. Getting your nails done is a special treat that can make your whole week (or even a month, depending on your type of go-to manicure).

Personally, my go-to manicure has been an acrylic set. I am kicking myself for even claiming acrylics as my signature because I have never had a good experience. Even the first time I had them done, there were pockets left in the base which led to water sitting on my nails for weeks. This should have been the first red flag, but I did not pay any attention.

It is hard to pay attention when something is new and trending. But after all of the breaks, nail pain, unsatisfied designs, at-home removal, paper-thin nails, and crooked shapes, I have given up on acrylic nails. After a long while of rocking the natural nail, with a few quick-dry polishes in between, this newfound alternative to acrylic nails has coincided with my hankering for a manicure.

It is called Gel-X. The first and only soft gel extension system. It gives the look of acrylic nails, but none of the hassles previously mentioned.

Like regular gel, there is a UV lamp involved. But instead of acrylic powder, there is a bonding adhesive that is used to press a fake nail onto your nail. Then the shape you prefer and the color you fancy, and then you have the nail of your dreams that will not have you regretting later.

I also feel that I must mention the ease of this process if my three-step explanation did not imply it enough. This is a totally at-home, do-it-yourself self-care activity. I am sure that your nail salon is up on this trend, but there are kits online that can provide you with all that you need and have your nails done in 30 minutes. Because sometimes half of the reason for not having that posh manicure is because of the time it can consume.

Gel-X is the new, stylish, better alternative for your nails. So much so that now there are salons that do not do acrylics anymore. This is wonderful news for anyone out there, like me, who needed a new method of obtaining the wonderful feeling of a manicure that doesn’t consist of acrylic nails.

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