Goals are Self-Care | Her Campus


A part of self-care is establishing goals. This includes daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, semester goals, and long-term goals. Just knowing that you are accomplishing a task brings some peace for a person having a very hectic day. Goals can boost self-care through the completion of their endeavors. It provides a sigh of relief when things are completed, stepping stones were reached, and progress was made. Goals are important because they are milestones that people have reached. Just simple things to check off on your to-do list can be comforting. Goals are also a good thing within self-care because you have something to motivate yourself despite whatever is going on in your busy schedule. Having a set goal in mind is a great reminder that there is still something to look forward to. No matter what happens, a person has goals and ambitions that they will achieve because of people taking the time to value their goals and realize that they are as important as everything else. 

A big part of self-care is maintaining the goals that were set. This is especially true for longer-term goals because you can see how far you have come and what you still need to pursue to excel at the goals that you originally had. Self-care is critical and viable for a person’s well-being, and goals stabilize a person as they continuously keep their eyes on their growth.

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