halloween costumes for cinephiles & fashionistas



If you’ve got a passion for fashion and are a film enthusiast still on the lookout for a Halloween costume, fear not! Here are four trouble-free, iconic Halloween outfits inspired by the most stylish movie characters that might be a cure for tomorrow’s Sunday Scaries.  

1. Andy Sachs, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ 

This timeless film also features timeless style. While working at Runway, protagonist Andy Sachs illustrates an evolution of character and style, which slowly crystallizes in the quintessential Andy Sachs look. To replicate one of her most famous looks that screams sophisticated yet edgy, get your hands on some clip-on bangs, a tweed jacket and skirt set, layered gold necklaces, and thigh-high boots! These items will also serve as wardrobe staples now that colder days are looming.

2. Fran Fine, ‘The Nanny’ 

Nothing says “the most stylish nanny of all time” like “Fran Fine” does, and her bubbly personality is often distilled in bold fits. Become Fran Fine for the night with a red, long-sleeve turtleneck top, a black and white checkered skirt, and black tights. Don’t forget the character’s iconic half-up half-down voluminous hairstyle that you can perfect with clip-on side bangs!  

3. Cookie Lyon, ‘Empire’ 

CL’s presence in the FOX drama series is felt by her witty comebacks and her extravagant style. Cookie Lyon’s must-haves include:

  • A fuchsia coat and lipstick.
  • A bodycon flower-print maxi dress.
  • Gold bangle bracelets.

Opt for a side part with luscious curls to steal the show!  

4. Elvira Hancock, ‘Scarface’

If you’re one to avoid small talk, dressing up as Elvira Hancock for the night will surely help create an unapproachable aura of mystique and je ne sais quoi. A blue satin slip dress and a blonde bob wig are essential, but don’t forget to also tilt your head slightly backward for a full-on embodiment of this femme fatale! 

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