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Moving to a city is a big deal, especially when the weather may not be exactly how it is at home. College fashion is fun, funky and creative. In San Francisco, fashion is used to show one’s personality, but it’s always good to have basics to rely on. 

Jean/Leather Jacket

You will not find one person in San Francisco or in college who does not have a jean jacket. It works off the shoulder or with a graphic t-shirt. Thrift stores are a good way to find a low-cost jean jacket. West Portal has a Goodwill that carries name brand jackets too, so check it out! You may even find a vintage style that is very popular. The cold can get brutal, so leather jackets are a chic way to beat the cold. With autumn bringing in the cool brown tones a leather jacket is a good combo to throw on top.


Dr. Martens & Boots

Ever step in a rain puddle and wish you had worn thicker socks? Try thicker shoes! Dr. Martens are a shoe needed in the rain. Be warned, they weigh a ton on your feet as you break them in. Pair them with some cute or funky socks! Ankle boots are a cute statement that can be worn rain or shine. Calf boots are slowly making a comeback with the schoolgirl aesthetic on Pinterest, but we’ll see where that heads. 


Black, white, brown, green, etc. A bodysuit can be a plain color you can match with any outfit and not have to worry. They will go with any style pants to look put together without trying. H&M for $9 and less when they’re on sale. Long sleeves, shirts, and tanks does not matter what style you pick, anything will go. 

Tailored Trousers 

Do you hate having to wear tight denim jeans all the time? Even though those are a staple in everyday wear, trousers are in fashion and are lighter on the body. You can dress it up or dress down because they pair well. Rock it with a crop top or long sleeve. Walking around campus all day should be bearable. 

Knit Tops/Vest/Sweaters

Have you seen that everything is knitted? This goes back to that schoolgirl aesthetic, props to Rory Gilmore. Autumn calls for all the knits in the world. Target started pushing them out for this season! Dress them with a black skirt with black tights underneath and call yourself a Gilmore Girl. Sweater vests are being popularly worn under shirts, which is coming back from the 90’s. 

Reality vs. Instagram

Gather yourself and let’s go shopping for some fashion staples this Autumn! Show off your fashion style at school and strut on campus.  

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