How Aptitude Testing Helps High School Students


This article wraps up our discussion on how aptitude testing helps your student. Aptitude testing is arguably the most underrated resource for high school students. This is especially true for students who need help picking their college major.

As it turns, reliable aptitude testing contain a host of benefits for your students. However, let’s start with the basics first.

Why Should Students Take An Aptitude Test?

In our first article, we discussed the broad benefits of high students using aptitude testing.

Ultimately, an aptitude test saves students time and parents money. By giving students a data-driven analysis of their natural abilities, students can better choose their college major. This lowers their chances of changing them in college, which delays their graduation and increases the number of courses they have to take.

As tuition prices increase (see below), students need reliable tools to help them pick their major.

Additionally, there are other specific benefits reliable aptitude testing gives students.

How Taking An Aptitude Test Helps Your Student

In the articles below, we discussed the individual ways aptitude tests empower students.

Aptitude testing gives your students a constellation of advantages. Overall, aptitude testing benefits students in the following ways:

  • Discover Your Student’s Problem-Solving Aptitudes
  • Get Data-Driven Career Recommendations
  • Aptitude Tests Show How Students Best Learn
  • Help Your Student Pick Extracurriculars
  • Discover Your Student’s Foreign Language Aptitude
  • Find Your Student’s Musical Aptitude

These benefits bring a student’s high school experience and career planning to the next level. This is especially true with the learning channels. Learning channels deal with how your student objectively learn best. The aptitude testing we use shows five ways your student processes and retains information (see below).

chart on learning

Avoid Aptitude Testing Scams

However, not all aptitude tests are created equal. In fact, almost all aptitude tests that you find online are scams.

If you do a google search on the word “aptitude test,” you’ll find many fake “aptitude tests.”

fake google results

Read the “How Do I Find My Career Aptitude” article to learn how to pick the best aptitude test for your student.

To keep it short, just remember this:


All of the fake search results are usually personality tests. While these can have a place in the career, they’re not nearly as accurate or useful as an aptitude test.

Investing in Your Student’s Future: Why Students Need an Aptitude Test

Ultimately, your student’s future career shouldn’t be left to chance. Furthermore, students aren’t in the best position to pick their career right out of high school. An aptitude test provides students with the vital resources to pick a college major.

Read this article to learn how. Essentially, picking a college major should be fun and rewarding, not a stressful guessing game. An aptitude test can eliminate the guesswork and push your student into a methodical career planner.


Aptitude testing is the missing link to confident and effective career planning. The confidence that comes from taking an aptitude test isn’t misplaced; it’s data-driven. Your student can possess an empirical understanding of their talents and strengths and how those strengths impact their career potential.

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