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“When you start living for the small moments, that’s when you really start living.”

Over the summer, I had a realization about why I take so many pictures. It was getting to the point where everyone close to me in my life knew that I took photos of just about everything and anything in my day. I take so many photographs because my mind sees the smallest things in a beautiful way. It’s almost like looking at a white canvas, to some people they may see a plain white canvas but my mind sees what could be. Splatters of paint, a variety of colors, and lights/shadows. Photos are different parts of our life and can be simple yet so complex; the parts being the snapshots we take mentally and can be moments filled with so much joy, pain, or bittersweetness.

The lens can become a little blurry sometimes but that’s okay because it can be cleared with a little inspiration from the things that give us energy. The things that give the snapshots energy are glows of lights. The glows of lights are love, whether that be within or external. From a few photos, I reflected on the moments and sent kindness to myself in times of darkness. The snapshots became the light in my life when everything seemed so scary and far away. I created an art journal of photos and took it one day at a time. I simply lived my life in the moment while describing the beautiful snapshots in my day.


It’s the days when you feel everything at once. All the pain. All the love. Maybe even a sense of chaotic energy. It’s mixed emotions where you feel you could cry or laugh at the same time. You give so much to everyone around you but are you giving the same love to yourself? You deserve to create a life for yourself because you deserve so much. I took a day to do just that. As feelings arose, I enjoyed salted chocolate with fresh strawberries while laying in the backyard with the sun on my face. There was a calm breeze and as I breathed in I felt a sense of calmness. You matter in every moment and everything that was or will happen, will because it’s meant to. Enjoy the sense of peace and silence from the pictures, moments, and memories. Come back to the body and mind and let it go. These are all just moments in time. 

Slowing down.

Do you ever feel like life is moving too fast? Like there is so much to do but not enough time. One day I was driving to an appointment and all of a sudden I was braking as hard as I could and all of the stuff in the passenger seat was on the floor of the car. All of the items in my car flying everywhere were metaphorically things that we may feel are out of control in our lives. It can pile up and become overwhelming. In times like these, it makes us realize that we need to take a step back and relax. Inhale. Exhale. Remind yourself that everything will be okay. Dry tears filled with uncertainty, and allow rest for yourself. Learn to recharge the mind and the art of simply being.

Feeling whole.

Lately, it seems all the broken pieces from the past are falling into place the way they were always meant to. I’ve discovered this feeling is from the different chapters of our lives where we grow, the people we keep, the music we listen to, the food we cook, and just living our lives. You’re still whole even when the broken pieces resurface every now and then. Understand that thoughts are temporary just like dark clouds on a gloomy day and they shall pass. When I started to appreciate the small moments in my day, I began to be happier like a sun ray was always glowing over my head. I began attracting genuinely sweet people into my life. I remember hearing in the past about finding your other half to feel whole, but you can feel completely whole all by yourself. Then share your life with the people you care about and love as well. Create a life that is simply yours and never stop growing. 


It’s the feeling after making fluffy pancakes while in your pajamas and feeling a sense of warmth. Then, doing a slow movement workout to reset the mind and learning to love what makes you, you. You’re strong and capable of so many things, but some days challenges arise and your walls come down and that’s just a reminder to give love to your inner child who is still healing continuously from within. Wear comfy clothes and tune into yourself. It’ll allow you to be gentle with your sweet sensitive soul. It’s breathing deep in moments where all emotions seem so uncertain and uncomfortable. Soft can be negatively connected to weakness but from your soft side, you gain so much strength, wisdom, and insight.  


As I sat in the grass surrounded by hydrangea flowers, I was recognizing my worth. So many times you can settle or put yourself in situations you believe to be enough for you. But, you deserve so much more than what you may believe. So what exactly is worth? It’s how we view ourselves and what we believe we are capable of. You’re independent but open to learning and loving. You’re enough, worthy, and deserving because of the strong, and powerful person you are. Look how far you have come by just living life. You deserve people in your life who are just as caring, empathetic and loving as you. Through many ups and downs continue to come back to the present, and enjoy your alone time.


There are a lot of changes in life and adjusting to new chapters. It’s like opening a book to a new page and starting fresh. Sometimes it starts slow or there is an abrupt change or situation that begins or little things occur out of the blue. Change can mean many things, happy or sad. Whether that be a new job, relationship, moving, love, or loss. Our bodies change as our life changes along with shifts in our mindset. It can be overwhelming but it can also turn into something amazing. All we can do is our best which will allow us to grow, accomplish, and achieve goals. It’s all by taking things one day at a time, moment by moment, book by book, and resting when needed. Change is about trying new things and accepting what is and experiencing it all as life unfolds right in front of us. Most importantly, continuing to grow and see the beauty of a butterfly.

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