The fall semester is in full swing! For us curly-haired people, this means a season of dry, cold, and windy weather that incites a frizz fest on our heads. To prepare for this season, here are a few do’s and don’ts from personal experience:

Don’t: Cantu

A major no! Although Cantu can be used for a quick fix in taming frizz, the product does not last all day. After a few hours, frizz pops out like Spring daises and leaves your scalp with product build-up. 

Do: TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask

This is heaven in a container. Whether you use this as a leave-in or as a deep conditioner, your curls will look both shiny and moisturized! Not to mention the smell it leaves on your hair is sweet while retaining moisture in your bouncy curls to fight against the fall weather. Better yet, use TGIN for a twist out to give care to each curl.

Do: Carol’s Daughter

Late to class? Just use Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moister and Shine Leave-In Conditioner Spray! Doing a full-on wash and go may not be possible at 8 a.m., but this hairspray instantly smooths curls and adds shine as if you’ve just washed it. The best part is the lasting intoxicating vanilla scent.

Do: TPH Ultra Chill Serum

If you plan on having protective hairstyles this fall, this is a saving grace in giving your scalp some love. The fall’s dry, cool air can dry out the natural oils from our scalp (especially if your scalp is visibly exposed in styles such as box braids). With Tarji P. Henson’s hair line TPH, this product provides extra moisture to the scalp, a tingly mint sensation and a tri-touch applicator for a calming massage.

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