Local Spotlight: Metta Mags Healing


Recently I had the pleasure to interview a local spiritual healer, Margaret. Margaret is a rose healing practitioner, and I was so excited to learn more about this practice, its history, and what it can help with.

Shae: Hi Margaret! It’s so nice to see you!

Margaret: So nice to see you too!

S: How long have you been doing rose healing?

M: I got into rose healing back in 2018, and a year later I became certified, so about three and a half years? I’ve been doing it for some time.

S: What really sparked your interest in rose healing?

M: So I saw an ad on Facebook events, and there were these two people, Kristin and Brendon, and they were hosting a rose healing ceremony. And I was single at the time, and when I saw some of the benefits that it had, like attracting more love into your life, I decided to go. I was really curious about it. When I felt the effects from the roses, I felt called to get into it.

S: Where did you learn to do the rose healing?

M: Kristin and Brendon actually announced that they were going to do rose healing certification, and I just thought “this is my chance”, so I decided to take it.

S: So this all started from an ad on Facebook?

M: Yes, essentially! (laughs)

S: So, how long did it take to learn?

M: The course took about a day, but at the same time I was also taking a meditation course, so it took about two weeks to finish it. But in terms of doing it the right way, how I feel is the right way, that took me a few times of trying the ceremony. It didn’t take long, but it did take time.

S: What goes into the process of rose healing?

M: Just like any other healing session people do, I make sure that the space is all filled with love and compassion. Then I have the client hold the roses and meditate with them to create the intentions, ask the roses for permission, and I play love frequency music. I also may sage the roses for the client to make sure they’re cleansed. Then I have the client lay down. I usually have people start laying on their backs and then I’ll have them flip over, but for people with bad backs, I just have them lay on their backs for the whole session. Rose healing usually takes about forty-five [minutes] to an hour, depending on [the client]. So I basically take each individual rose and start from the top of the crown or the bottom of the foot, and the roses will kind of [act like] a pendulum and tell me where they need to go. Then I just kind of dab the roses and place them where they need to go. I usually keep the roses on there for maybe thirty or thirty-five minutes. It’s at that point where I ask of the client wants to flip over so I can do their back. If they have a bad back, I’ll just visualize an image of their back and treat the areas that need it. I usually use a dozen roses per client. If couples come in, I might also tie together one rose from each person with a twine-like wire for their session to symbolize their loving connection. After all of that, I do a sort of “sweep” with the roses, kind of like sweeping your house to get rid of stagnant energy, and then I take each rose and thank them for letting me work with them. I’ll also “wake up” the client, ask them if they saw any visions or anything, and let them know that the roses are for them and are not to be given to someone else.

S: Wow! There’s so much that goes into this process. You mentioned that there are benefits to rose healing. Who should get rose healing?

M: I feel like anybody can get rose healing, but if we’re gonna talk about the main ones that need some, it’s the ones who are having a bit of a self-love problem. Neglecting their inner self. Also anytime there’s a breakup or a divorce, or even a grieving, rose healing is also good for that. Rose healing is also great for people who are having relationship or marriage issues. And it’s also kind of a cute date night! Mainly, [rose healing] is for people who are trying to find love with themselves and trying to attract love in their life.

S: Are there any cultural or religious ties you have to rose healing?

M: Not necessarily. This practice mainly comes from Mexico…and I’ve been fascinated by Mexican culture for a couple years. But there is a connection with Our Lady de Guadalupe. The story goes that a father had a sick son, and he went to the Basilica of our Lady de Guadalupe and something told him to take home the roses that were growing outside for his son. His son was dying from the sickness, and he put the roses around his son. He thought that it would be his last night with his son, so he slept near him, and when he woke up in the morning, his son was not there, and was actually asking his dad for food and water. So it was like this beautiful miracle. So he told everyone in the village and they made the rose healing ceremony.

S: So what should someone who is unfamiliar with rose healing know before going into a session with you?

M: Openness is very important and also making sure that you’re giving consent to know that while I am doing rose healing, I sometimes feel called to do reiki* as well. Also, please just be sure to come in with a dozen roses of whatever color catches your attention. And, of course, be comfortable! Just be open to compassion, love, and any messages that come through.

*Reiki is another kind of spiritual healing that relies on moving energy within the body to clear blockages within the chi pathways.

S: Can anyone learn rose healing?

M: Yes, absolutely! I offer rose healing certification classes, and I have certified six students.

If you want to get in contact with Margaret for a rose healing session or to become certified in rose healing, you can find her at @metta_mags_healing.

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