Moisturize Your Curls With Zoto Professional



  If you have curly hair and are consistently dealing with dry hair check out Zotos Professional. It is seriously a personal favorite of mine, so this is not sponsored. But it could be, hit me up @ Zotos Professional.

They have a variety of products for curly hair but today I want to highlight All About Curls Quenched Cream Conditioner. Those who have curly hair know that it is trial and error with most of the concern being on keeping hair moisturized to avoid looking like a traffic cone. 

I found this vegan formula conditioner to keep my hair moisturized and healthy while similarly reducing frizz. Because of that, I have had less breakage and damage on my hair. The last time I got my hair cut my stylist, who knows how absolutely obsessed I am about my hair, said this is the healthiest he’s ever seen it. 

If you’re curious to know how obsessed I am about keeping my hair healthy…I may or may not carry a shears around with me to cut any split ends I see. 

But to be honest I haven’t had to do that lately either.

I found my hair soaks up All About Curls Quenched Cream Conditioner nice and fast and it is easy to wash out. There is no strong odor or fragrance. I definitely recommend you give this product a try! You can find it at various retailers including Amazon and Sally Beauty

Here’s wishing you happy hair days ahead!

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