My Top Tracks From “Midnights” by Taylor Swift


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On October 21st at 10 pm, I was curled up on my couch with my closest friends patiently awaiting the release of Taylor Swift’s Newest Album: “Midnights.” After nine original studio albums and two re-recordings, she blessed us with more wonderful music. After listening to it for about two weeks, I have picked out some of my top tracks on this album. But don’t get me wrong, this was not an easy task. I don’t think Taylor swift can come out with bad music, so it’s incredibly hard to pick out just a few favorites. But somehow I narrowed it down to my top six songs, in no particular order (because ranking them is a whole other task on its own).

“Lavender Haze”

I think this song was such a good way to start out this new album. Coming straight from the Folklore/Evermore era, this song ushers us into the new dance-like era of Midnights. It’s giving a mix of 1989 and Reputation, while still being new and fresh. This song hits back at the media’s expectations of her and her relationship with Joe Alwyn. Calling out the media for being cruel and relentless is something Swift does best. And if she can do this and make a pop hit in one, I would say that’s two birds with one stone!

“You’re on Your Own Kid”

This song may be my favorite of the whole album. I did some serious self-reflection when I listened to this, and not in a bad way! This song is kind of somber, but in the end, it’s about having your own back and looking out for yourself. It’s about taking chances and taking risks because one day you will look back and cherish those memories. Its light tone and playful lyrics hit hard and create relatable imagery, making it what I consider to be a perfect song.


I knew this song was going to be good when I heard that the first line was actually sampled from one of her other songs “Out of the Woods.” In “Question…?”, Taylor Swift is basically asking her ex if he will ever find anyone as good as her. And the answer is no! So true Taylor, I would 100% agree—I, too, am unforgettable to everyone I meet. Thank you for fueling my narcissism. All jokes aside, this song is another amazing upbeat pop song that makes me want to aggressively belt the lyrics every time I hear it. 


Listen, I’m a Folklore girl through and through, and this song could be straight off of that album. The almost whisper-like vocals? The poetic words to describe falling in love? It’s all so Folklore! This song is about falling in love, even though it may be a hesitant and scary experience. She compares it to an elevator ride, noting how you can’t trust how fast it rises. But in the end, she accepts love and learns to let go of her fears with the comfort of another. 


This song will always have me belting out the lyrics. In this song, Swift sings about karma. But the good side of karma. She talks about how karma brings her peace because she knows it is going to reward her. One of my favorite lines in this song is “Karma’s a relaxing thought, aren’t you envious that for you it’s not.” This is a big callout to everyone who has done her dirty in the past—it’s her way of saying “karma’s going to catch up to you.” I love this unbothered stance of hers and need to adopt it into my own life. You will never see me not dancing to this song.

“Sweet Nothing”

This song literally makes me sob. This song is just a simple love song that talks about her sweet boyfriend and how she is perfectly content in her relationship. Listen, I cannot relate to this in the slightest, but it’s so fun to pretend to. The simple and sweet melodies pair perfectly with the heartfelt words to create a perfect love song. Again, can’t relate, but I’m happy for her. 

It was so hard to pick out just six songs from this album when so many of them are amazing! I could write a blurb on every song on this album and why I love it, but I thought I would let you form your own opinions when you stream “Midnights” by Taylor Swift.

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