Physician Assistant (PA) Mortgage: Financing With a Low Down Payment


Key Takeaways:

  • Physician assistant mortgage loans offer low down payment options, competitive interest rates and no private mortgage insurance requirement.
  • Relaxed underwriting guidelines make it easier for borrowers to qualify for a physician assistant mortgage than a conventional loan.
  • Physician assistants don’t automatically qualify for all physician mortgage programs.

There were more than 129,000 physician assistants (PA) employed in the United States, according to 2020 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And the profession is expected to grow by another 31% through 2030. So, it makes sense that banks are now turning their outreach efforts to earn the business of early-career PAs by offering special home financing.

Physician assistant mortgage loans provide low down payment solutions, usually ranging from 0% to 10%, along with other exclusive benefits that can really pay off in today’s housing market.

Keep reading to learn about physician assistant mortgage loans and where to find them.

What’s a physician assistant mortgage loan and its benefits?

A physician assistant mortgage loan, often referred to as a physician home loan, allows certain medical professionals to purchase or refinance a home with exclusive financing and generous perks.

Although these programs used to be limited to medical doctors and dentists (e.g. MD, DO, DDS, DMD), some programs have extended eligibility to other high-income professions, such as physician assistants.

Physician assistant mortgage loans come with:

  • Up to 100% home financing (aka no down payment).
  • No private mortgage insurance (PMI).
  • High loan limits without a jumbo loan interest rate spike.
  • Flexible debt-to-income ratio (or DTI) calculations that treat PA student loan debt more favorably by using your actual monthly payment or a percentage of your loan debt. In some cases, your student debt might be excluded completely.
  • Relaxed income documentation requirements that allow physician assistants to close on a home (up to 90 days) before starting a new position.

If you qualify for a physician assistant mortgage loan, you can shave off years from your home-buying timeline by dodging a 20% down payment and capitalizing on lenient underwriting criteria. You can also save thousands of dollars each year by avoiding PMI altogether.

But physician assistants have more limited options when it comes to physician mortgage loans.

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