Reasons We Love Her Campus


For our last event this semester, we held our semi annual Her Campus Homecoming event! Complete with good food, music, photos, and superlatives, we celebrated our writers and their hard work this semester. To wrap up the year, we asked attendees “What do you love about Her Campus?” These were their answers! 

“It’s a safe space” – Lauren 

“Very inclusive” – CJ 

“Pink AF” – Abby 

“It’s a great place to socialize” – Ellie 

“Cheese boards” – Taylor 

“Good way to meet people” – Lilly 

“Creative outlet” – Emily 

“Welcoming” – Marcus 

“Fun topics” – Ben 

“Great leadership opportunities” – Banmai 

“Fun people and events” – Jane 

“Lots of laughs” – Anna 

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