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It’s so easy to get caught up in your own thoughts and plans so much so that you lack the motivation to take time away and be there for yourself. It’s especially common for us to feel unmotivated even when we don’t have anything going on at all. Besides designating time for yourself to recharge and be around the people you care about, here are a couple of ways to go back to being motivated!

Follow the “Why?”

Following the “why?” is the technique to use when you’re trying to get to the root of an issue, thought, or feeling. Believe it or not, every single person has a thought that turns into a feeling and that, without properly being taken apart, can turn into an issue. Most of us project our thoughts and feelings, which commonly becomes an issue of negativity. This technique consists of a person writing down a thought or feeling or issue. Below it, you write “why?”. Just answering that question is another thought or feeling or issue that’s allowing you to dive in deeper. This technique can be never-ending considering how you can go on and on with new thoughts or feelings or issues that come to mind. Nonetheless, we would recommend it to anyone who’s in need of breaking down why they think, feel, or act a certain way.

This is a great place to start considering how being unmotivated could stem from something much more than just “feeling unmotivated.” Perhaps you’ve been surrounding yourself with unmotivated people or you’ve put too much of your time and energy into places or things that are no longer serving you! That brings us to our next way of getting back to your motivated self…

detach and let it all go…

As humans, we have a tendency to hold on to things. This is especially true for individuals who in the past may not have been adequately taken care of, shown love, or appreciated. You know your childhood traumas better than we do, so it’s your job to detach from that difficult past and let it go to the best of your ability. Why? Because holding on to the ways things used to be for you prevents you from moving forward, and the truth about being motivated is that you first need to let go of all that is holding you back to actively work on things that bring you to newer and better places of fulfillment.

step away, investigate, and accept

Similarly to the two above points, it’s really important that we step away from our current life and view our friendships, relationships, hobbies, and so on, from an outside perspective to gain more insight into why it is that we’re feeling so down. Could it be because you haven’t been dealing with your thoughts/feelings/issues correctly? Or could it even be that you haven’t yet taken the time you need to focus on yourself and set boundaries between yourself and people that no longer serve you? It could even be that you haven’t taken the time to change your perspective and accept yourself and your life for how it is!

Start eating right and Meal prepping

One specific way to get yourself in a more motivated space is to eat healthy foods and avoid going down the binge-eating route. Not eating well could also play a factor in your energy levels. Try preparing your meals on a weekly basis to see how much food you’re consuming and ensure it is healthy (for the most part)! Remember it’s all about balance, so find what works for you and stick to that! Eating healthier and more consistent meals throughout your day will give you a hint of energy that you’ve been lacking to get started on striving for and accomplishing things again!

Get back into a workout routine you love!

Getting onto a meal prepping schedule can be a life-changer for some. Another life-changing tactic is to get back into working out consistently! Find a workout you enjoy doing and make an effort to do that exercise every single day. Getting your heart pumping could be the one thing that’s missing for you in getting back to your super-motivated self.

Build a consistent morning and night routine for yourself

Not a morning person? Build your morning and night routine accordingly. Only you know what would make you happy. Is it making a strong effort in waking up early and well-rested? Or is it spending time with friends/family until late at night and then sleeping in the next morning? Whichever makes you the happiest will in turn help you in getting what you need to get done, done.

remember to be kind to yourself because consistency is hard

The one common thread between eating right, meal prepping, working out, and building a morning and night routine is consistency. Consistency is something that everyone strives for in order to have balance and be at their best state mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Feeling motivated yet?

It’s okay to say no! Sometimes getting motivated again can be a struggle especially if you’ve been feeling unmotivated for a while. So, take things slow and be patient with yourself; you can do it and it’ll happen!

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