The 16 Personality Types As Classic Halloween Candies


If you haven’t heard about the 16 personality types yet, it’s time to ditch your to-do list for the day and dive in. This quiz gives you a full breakdown of your unique personality type, along with strengths, weaknesses, potential career paths you can take, and other fun details about yourself. However, the one thing it doesn’t tell you is what type of Halloween candy you are — but don’t worry, I’ve done that work for you. Read on to see which sweets you should snack on this Halloween, according to your personality type.

INTJ: Architect

Candy Corn

Practical, sharp-witted, and analytical, INTJ is always down for a challenge. You’re confident and self-assured, even when others doubt you, and your skill set and versatility lead you to succeed in a variety of situations. According to the 16 personalities, you’re “not everyone’s cup of tea, and you’re okay with that.” And sometimes you’re hard to crack; it takes a certain person to really “get you.” No wonder you’re classic candy corn — unique, slightly controversial, and hard to forget.

INTP: Logician


INTPs tend to be quiet and innovative with a thirst for knowledge. You pride yourself on having a unique perspective on life, and with your intellect and inventiveness, you just may be the winner of the next Nobel Peace Prize. There’s no better match for INTP than Smarties, the tiny colorful tarts that have been around since the 1950s. Similar to your fellow INTPs Albert Einstein and Bill Gates, your creative genius is a force to be reckoned with.

ENTP: Debater

Sour Patch Kids

All right ENTP, we get it. You’re wicked smart, can’t resist an intellectual challenge, and love existing between opposing worlds. Much like the ever-popular Sour Patch Kids, ENTPs embody juxtaposition, shaking up the status quo and taking pleasure in finding clever new ways of doing things. These colorful, sugar-covered sour chews are quirky, strangely comforting, and always know how to keep us on our toes.

INFJ: Advocate

Life Savers

They say INFJs are some of the rarest personality types of all, with famous among you including Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela (no pressure). You tend to be a bit mystical, with a vivid imagination and profound insight into human nature. You’re also a tireless advocate, often aspiring to help others and fighting against injustice with no interest in personal gain. Just like Life Savers, the ring-shaped candies that can be either minty or fruity, you always come in clutch when people need you.

ISTJ: Logistician


ISTJ, you’re one of the most reliable people we know. With defining qualities like patience and determination, you know how to stay focused on your goals, and you rarely need help to achieve them. Your type is honest and hardworking, with famous counterparts like Denzel Washington and Natalie Portman (can we please talk about Black Swan?). That’s why you and the lollipop go together. Practical, independent and dependable — everything we love in a classic Halloween candy.

INFP: Mediator

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate

Poetic, kind and altruistic, INFPs value harmony and compassion. You’re a natural peacemaker, always eager to support a meaningful cause and inspire hope in the world (like real-life wholesome queens Julia Roberts and Alicia Keys, who are also INFPs). When it comes to Halloween candy, you’re none other than creamy Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, full of genuine goodness.

ESFP: Entertainer

100 Grand

It’s go big or go home for you, ESFP, the true entertainer of the 16 personality types. You’re spontaneous, energetic and life is never boring with you, hence why famous ESFPs include Marilyn Monroe, Elton John and Jamie Foxx. With your sparkling stage presence, sharp fashion sense, and eye for a cool aesthetic, it’s no wonder your Halloween candy is 100 Grand, the rich candy bar with chocolate, caramel and crunchy, crispy rice.

ENFJ: Protagonist

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

ENFJ, you’re known as the protagonist of the 16 personalities, and your Halloween candy is no exception. Charismatic, inspiring and loved by the masses, you and the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup are a match made in chocolate-y heaven. With your strong values, creative ideas and the ability to mesmerize your listeners, it’s no wonder your fellow ENFJs include influential leaders like Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama.

ESTJ: Executive


ESTJ, you’re the moral compass of the 16 personalities, always reminding us of tradition and order. You’re honest, dedicated and make an awesome leader since you’re more than willing to dive into challenging issues and sort out tough stuff. You’re known as a stabilizing force for others, offering solid advice and direction when nothing else seems to be going right. This makes you an excellent match for the Halloween candy that stands the test of time: M&Ms.

ISFJ: Defender


Known as dedicated and warm protectors, ISFJs are always ready to defend their loved ones. You’re great at remembering tiny details, and sometimes, you can be meticulous to the point of perfectionism. Above all, you’re loyal, practical and supportive, just like Skittles – which have been helping us taste the rainbow since the 1970s. With your tough outer shell and soft interior, you’re someone we’d all want in our squad. Rumor has it that Beyoncé, Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II are ISFJs too. No big deal.

ENFP: Campaigner

Reese’s Pumpkins

ENFP, you free spirit, you. You’re creative, sociable and adept at fitting in pretty much anywhere. You’re spunky, have a strong sense of self and love a healthy challenge, especially when it comes to reading in between the lines and finding deeper meaning in life. As a proud ENFP, I believe there’s no better match for our personality type than Reese’s Pumpkins, the Halloween-inspired cousin of the classic peanut butter cup. It’s the perfect blend of sweet, salty and savory with that extra spark of madness that we love on a spooky Halloween night.

ESFJ: Consul

Kit Kat Bar

ESFJ, you’re a social butterfly who always wants to make sure your friends are happy. You’re attentive and wise with great leadership qualities, and you understand how to lead your team to victory. You’re also low-key sensitive and aren’t a huge fan of conflict. Above all, you’re a social creature at heart, which is why breaking off a piece of a Kit Kat Bar might be your ideal Halloween activity. With fellow ESFJs like Taylor Swift, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Garner, I’d say your future looks bright.

ENTJ: Commander

Three Musketeers

Brave, imaginative, and strong-willed, ENTJs are natural-born leaders who stop at nothing to achieve their goals (think: famous ENTJ Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act). If you’re an ENTJ, you love momentum and accomplishment, and have a knack for keeping strong willpower even when others give up. You’re efficient and strategic, making you a perfect match for the Three Musketeers Bar, the fluffy, chocolate-covered candy filled with whipped nougat that always keeps us coming back for more.

ISFP: Adventurer

Almond Joy

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. As a classic daredevil, you tend to live in the moment, taking risks and changing your plan depending on your mood any given day. You live in a colorful, sensual, world where you don’t want to be boxed in, much like famous ISFPs Frida Kahlo and Avril Lavigne, who left Sk8er Boi behind after he simply couldn’t keep up. As the adventurer of the 16 personality types, there’s no better candy to represent you than Almond Joy — an irresistible combination of coconut, almond and chocolate.

ESTP: Entrepreneur


You love being the center of attention, ESTP. You live in the moment and aren’t afraid to dive into the action, navigating life with passion and thrill. Like your fellow ESTP Madonna, you have a flair for drama and aren’t afraid to break the rules. You’re also a natural leader, and know how to bring excitement to others around you. Popular and packing a major punch, you’re like a colorful Starburst, waiting to be unwrapped so the world can witness your flavor and zest.

ISTP: Virtuoso

Nerds Rope

ISTP, there’s truly no one like you. You’re bold, spontaneous, and masterful, craving freedom to move around and be a little unpredictable. There’s no better candy to represent you than the Nerds Rope, with your sense-bending contrast of gummy and crunchy. When your personality type includes fearless legends like Michael Jordan and (supposedly) Arya Stark, there’s no doubt about it, you’re destined for great things.

Whether you plan on having a scary movie marathon, trying a new pumpkin spice recipe, or dreaming up your next artsy Halloween tattoo, be sure to stock up on your favorite sweets this Halloween. Then, dive into the 16 Personalities Test and make your friends do it, too. What could be spookier than analyzing yourself?

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