The HP Poet Corner: Poem Two from Derealizacja


Hello friends, this is my second poem from the series I am doing called “Derealizacja.” As you know from my last poem, I wrote these pieces during a dark period of my life, so this is also a heavy one. This poem centers around the concept that if I were to change something physically, would that improve or cause dysmorphia? When this was written, I was thinking and am still questioning if I should have a procedure to decrease my asymmetric facial appearance. So thinking through the positives and negatives of having such a life-changing procedure and having a lot of emotions, I put digits to keys and wrote this piece. 


The alcoves of the terrain,

connected to a rickety bridge.

Smashed into a sea of fragmented plates,

One land connected while the other disjointed.  

Push, dissever, pull on the land, 

And add a screw or two. 

What do you get? 

Another land bottom side up. 

Or top side down. 

Were the slabs put into symmetrical form, or

Was the land already an Eden? 

Boulders are now straightened in their position,

But the land seems off everywhere else. 




If facial features can’t be put back together, 

Eradicate the land. 

No repairs can heal,

The undone mess!

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