The Perfect Gift for All Your Holiday Shopping Needs


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Disclaimer: This article is partnered with Puffin Drinkwear, however, all opinions are each person’s own. Also, everyone featured in this article is of legal drinking age.

Puffin Drinkwear is a company that makes the most creative koozies. While most of their drinkwear looks like puffer jackets, they have an array of stylish clothing for your favorite beer, seltzer, or bubbly water. They are the ultimate gift this holiday season for that person in your life that is constantly outdoors.

I brought some of Puffin’s koozies over to my friend’s house while we were having some drinks one night and they thought that they were the coolest thing they have ever seen. Here’s what they had to say: 

“I love my drink to have a personality and these definitely give them a fun flare. They also do a great job keeping my hand warm while holding a cold can while also keeping my drink cold!” 

“It was fun to have a little coat on and have a little personality. They kept my hands warm with the cold drink outside and are unique for a koozie. My one thing was that the can size definitely matters for using them. I noticed my cans getting lost in them, but beyond that, I had fun using it!”

I have to say, I personally agree with my friends on this one. I’ve never really used a koozie before, but these were just too fun not to use. Also, I felt like I was trendy when I used this, and honestly, who doesn’t want to be trendy? Not to mention that they kept my drink incredibly insulated and cold, which is extremely important to me because if there’s one thing I hate, it is a warm beer. They even have drinkwear that is specially made for Colorado lovers!

Puffin Drinkwear has so many fun options to dress your can up with and you’ll always get tons of compliments, guaranteed. Make sure to check out their website and get you and yours some funky and cool gifts this holiday season!

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