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How sad it is that in a world like ours, we do not have time to grieve. 

The world continues to rotate on its axis

It doesn’t slow down for you 

It’s oblivious to the the time it takes to heal

Wounds that will never be able to be heal 

How sad it is that because the world doesn’t stop,

One can’t dwell on sadness because one has a 9-5

One has responsibilities that “are more important” 

One has a life they need to continue, because if you dwell for even a second oh how many things start to slip away. 

Instead you learn to make your feelings smaller 

They get so small time passes and you didn’t even realize 5 months, a year, now 10 years have passed. 

Yet that loss still feels like someone is ripping your heart apart. 

The sadness of grief is that it never goes away.

It knocks on your door whenever it wants 

It hits you like it was the first day. 

In the sadness of grief you find coping mechanisms

You have memories that give you hope

You have guardian angels that protect you

You unlock strength you never knew you had

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