They Say Chivalry Is Dead, Well So Is Girl Code


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What is your definition of “Girl Code”?

What is the girl code you may ask? Generally speaking, the term Girl Code refers to a set of unspoken guidelines by which women should relate to one another in their interactions with each other. 

Homegirl has lipstick on her teeth? Point it out and help! Scared to ask a guy for his number? Be that girl to help your friend succeed! Delete and retake that picture if you look good and your friend doesn’t, these are all basic examples of girl code, however, it is way much more than that.

Girl Code is made to ensure healthy friendships, your friend should never have to worry about your trustworthiness and loyalty to them. 

A friend’s man is never a free game. As a female, any man a friend has been involved with currently or from the past is off limits. Flirting and even communicating with her old boo is wild. With or without your friend’s consent, it is all wrong. No matter if your friend says “it’s fine, girl”. HEY PSA, it is NOT! Withholding information is also a form of breaking the girl code. If you know some tea about anything that your friend may not like or that might hurt her in the long run, speak up! 

Ladies, girl code is dying. Clout is a drug for today’s generation. Being seen is more important than being a real friend and some women would rather see you down than up. True friends will never let their homegirl(s) go out looking crazy. Growing up everyone was made aware of the saying “Not everyone is your friend”. Sadly that is an apparent lesson that will be repeated throughout life. From grade school to college, there will always be someone pretending to be your friend but, secretly plotting against you.

As a friend that follows the Girl Code, there is no such thing as, jealousy amongst you/them. A real friend will always have their friend’s best interest at all times. Whether it is to give your friend good advice either about personal, relationship, or career issues. Let’s be real ladies to one another, so we can restore that girl code to the way it was intended to be!

Be yourself, not what you see on the internet. Don’t be afraid to stand out, make that difference by being that amazing friend. What you do to/for others will always come back to you so, make a wise choice as to how you will treat a friend.

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