Trend Forecasts for Spring Day


Spring Day is less than two months away now with a date set on April 29th. While everyone is trying to guess who the Spring Day artist will be, I’m trying to guess what everyone will be wearing this year for Spring Day. Here are my style predictions for Spring Day 2023.

  • Mesh tops: I think mesh tops will be the perfect way to layer cute crop tops and bralettes this year. Last year’s Spring Day was a bit breezy, so layering with some mesh could be a happy medium between that crop top you were planning on wearing and that jacket you don’t want to break out of your closet.
  • Biker shorts: I’m hoping to see some fun colored and patterned biker shorts this year. Biker shorts are the perfect way to stay comfortable yet stylish on Spring Day. Plus, they’re super flattering.
  • Sambas: I haven’t seen many Sambas on campus yet, but I think they’ll become a popular choice for Spring Day. These casual, comfortable shoes go with any outfit and won’t leave your wallet empty – they’re the perfect pair of shoes to throw on for a day of partying.
  • Belly chains: Belly chains have been popping up everywhere recently. From influencers to models, belly chains can make your hips look like they really don’t lie. With tons of finishes, charms, and embellishments out there, belly chains can be for everyone and every outfit.
  • Tube tops: I think tube tops will be the perfect homage to Y2K this Spring Day. Paired with low waisted shorts or pants, they can be crazy flattering and bring a fun look for this Spring Day.

What are you planning to wear this Spring Day?

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