Welcome Back, Readers! | Her Campus


To our readers:

I want to welcome you back to school and back to our page! We’re very excited to be writing for all of you again, and I’d like to give acknowledgement to our new executive board. A lot of our girls that were previously on our board last year graduated and are now onto the next chapter of their lives following their college graduation. We’re all extremely proud of each and every one of them and wish them nothing but the best!

I’m your new President for the Bradley University chapter of Her Campus! My name is Kylie Kruis and I’m going to be a sophomore here at Bradley. I could not be more excited to be taking on this role. Over the past year, I’ve grown to really love the women in this chapter and I cannot wait to continue this club in the future. I will be adjusting as this is my first time serving on an executive board, let alone being president, but I am confident that everything will go according to plan and we will all have a great year together.

Along with me, we have a new administrative assistant, Morgan Casey; editor-in-chief, Josie Smith; senior editor, Charlotte Tolly; social media coordinator, Grace Oatman; and events coordinator, Becky Rose. I am extremely honored to be able to work with these women as part of our executive board this year and we can’t wait for all of you to see what we accomplish. 

As we’re all getting ready for the beginning of our fall semester, we invite all of you to stick with us and check out all of our new articles that are going to be going up! It’s going to be a fun year for all of us so make sure to continue checking in and sharing us with your friends. We couldn’t do this without you and we appreciate all of you! 

Welcome back, everyone!

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