What Is My Rising Sign And What Does It Mean In Astrology?


Have you ever been mistaken for another sign? This could explain everything. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus lets you know exactly what’s going on—cosmically, obvi. From zodiac signs to horoscopes to house placements, we’re here to give you your astrology fix. Today, astrologer Linda Furiate explains what a “rising” sign is in astrology, how to find yours, and what it means in terms of your personality and the way you’re perceived.

All too often, I’ve been around an astrology fanatic long enough for them to ask what my sign is. Sometimes, I tell them flat out. Other times, I challenge them to guess.

On occasion, they get it right. Some get it entirely wrong (there is nothing Earth sign about me, babe). And more often than not, their answer is…kind of right.

Meaning: they typically guess my rising sign.

One of the most important signs (besides your sun and moon sign) in your birth chart is your rising sign. This trio of placements is oftentimes called your “big three,” which can explain the basis of your personality. Your sun sign (or Zodiac sign) is the core of who you are, and your moon sign is how you feel and express emotions. But your rising sign? WTF is that?

Her Campus talked to one of our cosmic besties, Astrologer Linda Furiate, to learn more about what what your sising sign means in astrology, how to find it, and what it can say about you.


Your rising sign can also be referred to as your ascendant (if you’re fancy like that). Think of it as the first impression someone has of you: it rules the energy you give off, your aesthetic, and how you may come off to others.

“The rising sign will often set the stage for how a person is seen or revealed to the world,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “It is associated with the ‘mask’ that we wear – how others see or view us.”

Oftentimes, we can feel torn between the identity of our rising sign and our sun sign—like your personality is split in two, especially if these two signs are different from one another.

“The Sun sign is more internally or innately driven, and the rising sign is witnessed externally,” Furiate explains. “When the sun sign and rising sign are in conflict, or to make a harsh aspect to each other, the perception of self is quite different than the way the outer world may witness our behavior.”


Your rising sign is calculated by identifying your exact time, and place, of birth. There are many tools online that can be used to find your rising sign, but we recommend using a reliable site like CafeAstrology. Remember: your information has to be exact in order to avoid errors!


Like your sun sign, there are 12 different signs that could possibly be your rising sign. Each of these signs has extremely different characteristics that can explain more about your aesthetic, how you come across, and your overall outward identity.

So, pull up your birth chart and find your rising sign below!


Since Aries is a fire sign, the bold nature of thier element seems to come off no matter what its placement is. If you’re an Aries rising, you may come across as bold, determined, and impulsive. Similarly, you may have a tendency to be blunt and honest—but still charming and loyal!

Furiate says that Aries risings “will fight to achieve your desires.” With this placement in your chart, your confidence is sure to light up a room, and inspire others to live a more bold and confident life.


Taurus is an Earth sign, which means they’re typically catagorized as grounded (or rooted, haha!) and hard-working individuals. As a Taurus rising, you may come across as someone who craves security (both financially and personally) and personal pleasure. Whether it’s appealing to your sensual side or splurging on a shopping press, Taurus risings are drawn to thing that will make them feel fulfilled.

Taurus risings are also “steadfast in nature,” according to Furiate. Their stubbornness and practicality makes them reliable, strong, and even comforting at times.


The talkative and bubbly Gemini is all about communication. Whether that’s addressing people face to face, or making thier voice heard through the writted word, Geminis have a knack for information. As a Gemini rising, you present these traits outwardly, and can be percieved as bright and curious.

According to Furiate, Gemini risings have a “willingness to share ideas and bring forth a sense of community through the spoken word, movement or the familiar.” However, this placement can also cause you to feel like you have to take on the whole world at once. Don’t spread yourself too thin, Gemini risings!


As a water sign, Cancer placements are categorized as being emotional and sensitive people. This is entirely true from a Cancer rising placement: these folks can be described as kind and empathetic. Adidtionally, they have a quality to them that is extremely nurturing—so, this placement can be especially good with children, disabled, elderly folks, or really anyone that needs a bit of help and compassion.

In the words of Furiate, Cancer risings have a “strong need for comfort and to nurture their surroundings.” but be careful! This placement has a tendency to “often hold onto their emotions that become expressed or repressed within the body,” says Furiate. It’s okay to feel too!


Ruled by the Sun, Leo placements have a natural draw toward the dramatic. Leo risings, specifically, can be seen as fun, lively, and passionate individuals. They’re warm, confident, and naturally magnetic to others.

However, while this placement loves attention, it might be to a fault. “Leo risings have a strong desire to seek the limelight so long as there is an audience,” Furiate explains. “Without a spotlight to shine, Leo rising may often feel rejected.” Remember this, Leo risings: stars are always shining, even if (sometimes) you can’t see them.


Happy Virgo season to all of my Virgo placements out there! This hardworking sign is known for sticking to routine and loving all things organization. As a Virgo rising you may come across as a perfectionist and naturally curious.

“Virgo risings are habit driven with a need to be productive,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “They may analyze or evaluate every situation before determining the perfect solution.” The cautious nature of a Virgo rising can cause them to be high-strung and a bit controlling, but their dependable and compassionate side makes them a wonderful friend to have.


Libra placements are all about harmony. Whether that’s in their relationships, work life, or friendships, Libra placements seek to live a balanced and blissful life. Libra risings may come across as charming, charismatic, and personable.

Furiate says that Libra risings “aim to please through the art of communication, fairness, and diplomacy.” However, this sign may also come across as a people pleaser, so it’s important for them to put themselves first—no matter how hard that may be!


If I have a weakness, it’s a Scorpio placement. These folks are known for being witty, mysterious, and sensual—and a Scorpio rising is no different. Furiate describes them as being “secretive, protective, deeply passionate, and even controlling toward self and others.”

However, Scorpio risings can also be charming, alluring, and ambitious. Like all Scorpio palcemnts, a Scorpio rising can be tough to read, and even tougher to break. However, once you gain their trust, you may be able to see a different side to this rising sign.


Sagittarius placements are known for their adventurous side. As a Sagittarius rising, you may be percieved as independent, charismatic, and naturally drawn to impulse and travel.

“Sagittatius risings have inspiration to metaphorically climb any mountain,” Furiate says. “Adventurous by nature, every experience serves as an opportunity to expand the personal mind and enhance the well-being of those who surround them.” While Sagittarius risings may come across as reckless and blunt, their friendly personality is sure to ultimately win you over.


As an Earth sign, Capricorn placements have a practicality to them. So, as a Capricorn rising, you may be the type to thing before you act—which may make you come across as shy, reserved, and even serious at times.

However, this placement is also known for their resiliency. According to Furiate, a “Capricorn rising will have the stamina and strength to weather any situation.” Once comfortable, Capricorn risings can be percieved as kind, humourous, and reliable.


Aquarius is a progressive sign: they’re the type to be drawn toward the unique. As an Aquarius rising, you may come across to others as curious and imaginative, especially when it comes to themes like humanity.

However, with so many new ideas coming to them, Aquarius risings can be “full of contradiction,” according to Furaite. They may also seem restless, but this is just due to thier independent spirit! Embrace the adventure!


Finally, a Pisces rising can be described as intuitive, sensitive, and helpful. They’re dreamers who love to find a way to escape into thier fantasies. However, their empathetic nature can lead them to have a spirit of “self-sacrifice,” and they may come across as self-pitying.

“Unconditional love runs deep either to serve all of those in need or at the risk of sacrificing self,” Furiate says. Meeting a Pisces rising can lead you to feeling comforted and idyllic, like you’re embarking on their dreams with them. So, let it ride!

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